Margaret Meets: Ibrahim Kamara


This month our Margaret Meets was with co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of GUAP, Ibrahim Kamara. For those not yet in the know (ahem, where have you been?) GUAP is the world’s first video magazine, and is heralded as ‘a revolutionary youth platform at the forefront of creative culture, discovering and showcasing emerging talent’. Not to mention, […] Read more



Discover why Generation Z is fast becoming the one we need to understand and take note of. By 2020 those born after 1996 will account for 40% of the global population, putting them ahead of millennials. It feels like 2018 at Margaret has been all about Generation Z. We have been working closely with our […] Read more



IT’S ART TIME… Sunny Autumn vibes coming at you from the Margaret studio. So far, October has been an exciting culture fest with back to back art exhibitions and launches. From the Jane Dickson In Times Square art book that acts as a time machine back to a wilder, lawless and often magnificent New York […] Read more