Friends of Margaret give us their tips and tricks for staying sane during lockdown 3.0

Founder of Stance Studios and Podcast, journalist and curator @ChrystalGenesis kicks off our week with her 5 Things. Here at Margaret, we are continuing our virtual conversations with friends on what they’re culturally indulging in whilst we’re stuck at home. Plus, any tips and tricks for staying sane during lockdown 3.0.

Chrystal’s recommendations range from the Tina Turner documentary to great food finds within her community & HuffPost’s weekly women’s health podcast, the multi-platform arts producer welcomes us into her lockdown world with open arms!

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“I saw her live in London a while ago when she last played and it was one of the best gigs of my life.

I adore her.

It’s a feature length doc called Tina and it’s extraordinary. We all know she’s amazing but this documentary on HBO Max takes it all the way with her.

I love her so much!”

“Olla (on streaming platform MUBI) is an excellent short film directed by French actress Ariane Labed, covering womanhood, desire and immigration with absolute style.

It’s about a Ukrainian mail order bride who settles in suburban France to be with a man and his ageing mother, but it doesn’t work out so well.

It’s funny, shocking and beautifully done. It’s only 30 mins but worth it.”

“The Lorraine O’Grady exhibition is phenomenal.

Great to see her works for the first time in such a large retrospective.”

“A selection of excellent short stories.

It made me laugh out loud…it’s so precise, well written, entertaining and touching.

I’m in love with this book.”

“I love her voice and the lyrics. You can dance to it as well!

It’s perfect.”

“An extraordinary French film about activists in the aids crisis.

The nuances explored in this blows your mind. We need a UK version of it or hundreds of these stories to give us a 360 picture.

It’s tender and so well told. I’m also in love with the cheesy soundtrack by Arnaud Rebotini and dance around to it my house.”


“I’ve discovered this cake that we don’t seem to have in the UK called Tres Lèche from my local restaurant Los 3 Charros. It reminds me of being in Elephant and Castle in terms of the restaurant vibe. Family, community and delicious.

This cake is  my favourite of all time.

I tried to make it and looked online but it takes days. I’ll just be buying it but it’s three milks, Meringue and totally amazing.”


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