Margaret Presents: 5 Things by Marketa Uhlirova✋✨


Friends of Margaret give us their recommendations on what they are culturally indulging in at the moment.

We’re back with the next in our series of ‘5 Things’, this time provided by our friend Marketa Uhlirova from Fashion In Film Festival. If you’re in need of a new podcast, Marketa recommends The Cinematologists and the Projections Podcast. She has also been busy reading bell hooks, too!


Including a a must-see documentary and a film that Marketa has loved since childhood, continue reading to explore her ‘5 Things’ in full.

“An erudite podcast by Dario Llinares and Neil Fox who ask lots of questions about what cinema is as a medium and form – what it does.

There is a really good recent episode with Sarah Cleaver and Mary Wild – who themselves run a film-centred podcast called Projections Podcast. But I recommend dipping into old episodes too. The one with B. Ruby Rich is particularly interesting.

There is a Sarah Cleaver who lives on my street in Hackney and I haven’t yet investigated her.

It’s a bit of a mystery…”

“I have been dipping into the art critic Hetti Judah’s Instagram account.

To me hers is such a great way to be on Instagram – I like Hetti’s voice. I like what she does.

I like her presence.”

“I had read the book before but it felt like I was reading it for the first time.

It is a brilliant but also difficult (and maybe even troublesome) read.

I can’t fully identify with her severe criticism of the film and its white director, Jennie Livingston, but the position she takes is very nuanced and convincing.

As a writer, hooks is able to cut through a lot of crap in an extremely eloquent way.

She said somewhere that she reads one fiction book a day. That sounds almost formidable.”

“I liked it, though, frankly, it could have done without the odd archivist figure (who spends a lot of time looking somber, frowning and putting VHS tapes into a player.)

Or perhaps the director Frédéric Tcheng, could have gone further and used this figure to do something more interesting – to shake up the narrative a bit!

Still, Halston was an incredibly good fashion designer and the film also confirmed to me that I do like Liza Minnelli’s spirit.”

A 1978 Czechoslovak comedy about a man-eating plant that is activated upon hearing the Bernhard Flies lullaby “Schlafe, mein Prinzchen.”

There is this figure of an immaculate and highly virtuous detective ‘Nick Carter,’ who dons completely ridiculous contraptions in trying to capture the mastermind villain behind Adele.

I loved this film as a kid, and still love it now.

I think it is a work of genius.”

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