Margaret Presents: 5 THINGS BY ROD STANLEY✋✨


Friends of Margaret give us their tips and tricks for staying sane during lockdown 3.0

We are continuing our virtual conversations with friends of Margaret on what they’re reading, watching, listening to and getting delivered whilst we’re stuck at home, as well as any tips and tricks for staying sane during lockdown 3.0

This week we are joined by our friend Rod Stanley – former Editor of Dazed magazine, founder of arts-activist publication Good Trouble, contributor to publications such as The Times, The Gourmand and all round creative genius.

Rod shares a bingeworthy Victorian horror series, sauces to transform your lunch break and more.

Continue reading to explore Rod’s must see recommendations in full.

“Supremely ‘bingeable’ TV.

Like a Victorian sci-fi, with a doomed crew lost alone in the Arctic ice instead of deep space, terrorised by a fearsome beast.

Cannibalism, scurvy and madness.

All the good stuff!”

“More Victorians and more madness, with this brilliant, dense and mind-bending novel.

It’s based around ‘metaphysical adventures into the ‘fourth dimension’ by real-life polyamorous 19th-century mathematician-philosopher Howard Hinton.”


“If like us, you’re bored of looking at the fridge while wondering what to eat, get some of these jars and spoon on everything you can think of.

Spicy, crunchy and ‘moreish’.”

“Fascinating, original and genuinely unsettling.

It’s the story of a hospice nurse driven by powerful religious visions.

Incredible debut by Rose Glass as director and writer.

Absolute must-see.

“I’ve got really into his music over the last year or so – there’s a lot going on and it rewards repeated listens.

He has a beautiful, haunting voice that draws you in to sometimes quite strange and disquieting worlds.”

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