Hello. We are Margaret.

We’re a communications and content company that creates and promotes cultural talking points. We believe in the power of culture to inspire, create communities and tell a story.

Unlike other agencies we don’t just work with brands but also work directly with cultural institutions and cultural creators. This keeps our ideas fresh, our creative networks current and our work informed.

It also means we talk the language of both, and are respected by the media, brands and creatives alike.

Where possible we also like to bring these worlds together – creating the right story with the right cultural collaborators, to reach audiences and forge partnerships in a genuine way.

We are proud to have worked with some amazing brands and institutions, and only on projects and ideas that have a genuine cultural value.  Whether it’s about visual arts, fashion, food&drink, photography, music, books or design, if you have a story to tell and want to use the language of culture we’d love to help.


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